Personal injury lawyer Bryan Smith and his Washington special interest allies... their false attacks prove they'll say anything to win.


Smith & his Washington D.C. Allies Claim:

Simpson teamed up with democrats to support a bigger Obama stimulus bill.

Idaho Facts:

Mike voted in committee and on the house floor to OPPOSE Obama's stimulus bill (RCV 70, 2009) and CO-SPONSORED legislation to rescind stimulus spending (HR6403, 2010) (HR2842, 2009)

Smith & his Washington D.C. Allies Claim:

Simpson voted to increase the national debt by trillions, without any spending cuts.

Idaho Facts:

Mike OPPOSED the clean debt limit increase earlier this year because it did not include corresponding spending cuts. (RCV 61, 2014)

Mike SUPPORTED increasing the debt limit in 2011 with historic dollar- for-dollar spending cuts attached that are still in place today. The Budget Control Act cut almost 1 trillion dollars and put the sequester in place. (RCV 690, 2011)

Mike joined many of his Republican colleagues in SUPPORT of increasing the debt limit for 5 months in 2012 with unprecedented legislation attached to require Congress to pass a budget or NOT GET PAID which led to a subsequent budget being passed that reduced spending below 2009 levels. (RCV 30, 2013)

Since Obama took office and spending skyrocketed, Mike OPPOSED increases of the debt limit - once in 2008 (RCV 519, 2008), twice in 2009 (RCV 70, 2009 and RCV 988, 2009), and once in 2010 (RCV 48, 2010).

Smith & his Washington D.C. Allies Claim:

Simpson voted for the taxpayer bailout of Wall Street.

Idaho Facts:

Mike voted to REPEAL Troubled Asset Relief Program and require the money to be repaid to taxpayers (RCV, 25, 2009)

SMITH FICTION on himself:

"No one in the business would call [Bryan Smith] a personal injury lawyer, they would call him a business litigator," Smith Campaign Manager Carrie Brown. (Idaho Statesman, 9/10/2013)


Idaho Statesman: "On Smith’s business website he lists 'personal injury’ third on a list of five practice areas: "Litigation; Commercial Law; Personal Injury; Insurance; Construction Litigation." ...Smith is the only one listed as practicing personal-injury law." (Idaho Statesman 9/10/2013;

SMITH FICTION on Obamacare:

"And now, he is even refusing to stand with the rest of the Idaho congressional delegation in defunding Obamacare," Smith Campaign Manager Carrie Brown. (Bryan Smith press release, 10/17/2013)


Times-News: "The problem with Smith’s claim is it’s patently false. A quick search of House roll call votes confirms Simpson’s claim that he voted 40 either repeal [Obamacare] completely or rescind certain parts of it." (Times-News, 9/16/2013)


"Mike Simpson...was one of only three Republicans in the House to vote to continue to fund ACORN." (Bryan Smith press release, 9/10/2013)


Idaho Statesman: "In its endorsement of Smith, the Madison Project’s Daniel Horowitz repeats a false claim made by Smith...that Simpson favored funding ACORN."

"Simpson was an original co-sponsor of a bill to permanently defund ACORN and later authored his own ban in his appropriations subcommittee. In all, Simpson has voted 28 times against funding the group. Idahoans know Mike Simpson too well to buy such distortion [Smith's Acorn Fiction]. For Smith to give Simpson a real fight, he may wish to take more time vetting his talking points before most primary voters start paying close attention." (Idaho Statesman, 9/11/2013; Idaho Statesman, 7/30/2013)

SMITH FICTION on Simpson’s record:

"Mike Simpson has an across the board liberal record..." Smith Campaign Manager Carrie Brown.


Lewiston Morning Tribune: "Mike Simpson, who famously pulled strings to yank wolves off the endangered species list? Simpson, who never met an Environmental Protection Agency budget he liked? Simpson, who has a lifetime American Conservative Union ranking of 84.5 percent? Simpson, who ranked just slightly behind Labrador on the National Journal’s recent exhaustive index of conservative voting? Simpson, who ties with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and comes out ahead of 88 other Republican House members on the Club for Growth’s own stilted Scorecard? That Mike Simpson?" (Lewiston Morning Tribune, 7/12/2013 & Idaho Statesman, 7/15/2013)

SMITH FICTION on spending:

"As one of the chief appropriators in Washington, Rep. Mike Simpson has never seen a wasteful program he did not want to fund," said Smith supporter Daniel Horowitz. (press release, 9/10/2013)


Mike Simpson co-sponsored and voted to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to stop Washington’s out-of-control spending. He voted against President Obama’s plan to bailout mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, saving taxpayers up to $200 billion and sponsored legislation to cut nearly $5 billion from the EPA’s budget to stop Obama’s job-killing regulations. (Congressional Voting Record,